Able Grid develops large-scale energy storage installations that help utilities, municipalities and co-ops improve the flexibility and reliability of their electric system.  These systems can offer multiple benefits including T&D deferral, peaking capacity, and ancillary services such as spinning reserves and frequency regulation.  Able Grid works with landowners, local permitting authorities, and interconnection experts to develop projects that add the greatest value to the grid.  Our technology agnostic approach and existing relationships with leading storage integrators enables us to offer low-cost but flexible and reliable solutions.

Technology Providers

Able Grid welcomes discussions with technology partners about how to best serve our customers.  Able Grid performs key development activities such as site control, interconnection and permitting and partners with leading technology and software providers to complete our projects.  Partnering with Able Grid gives storage integrators the opportunity to expand their business into new markets while working with an experienced team with a track record of over 10 GW of renewable energy projects in operation.


Able Grid enters into long term agreements with landowners that offer predictable passive income.  We are flexible in our approach and pride ourselves in working with landowners to address their individual needs. We work closely with permitting authorities and local communities to ensure that our projects are consistent with development plans and local requirements at each project location.